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Belle House History

Belle House History

Beautiful Tumut Accommodation, With An Impressive History – Try It, You’ll Love It. Belle House is a late 1950’s Art Deco Mansion and Tumuts most renowned and admired Art Deco landmarks. Lovingly renovated to it’s former glory and still retains original features of high ceilings, mantle piece, intricate and ornate architectural detailing, large rooms and so much more.

Belle House was built in harmony with the global pursuit of architectural finesse of the Art Deco Era. It was originally built by hand by Mr Fuller who was a council engineer. Who was very much respected and had a street named after him.

Engineer Mr Fuller commissioned to build one of his finest works, the magnificent jewel in the crown Belle House. After Mr Fuller moved on, the next distinguished residence were Dulcie and Rolf Wilkinson of the famous Blowering Valley, they were farming gentry and had to move from the Blowering valley because the government acquired their farms to build the Snowy Mountains Scheme and the dam is called the Blowering Dam. Forced to leave their property thy had to choose a residence fitting of their status. As a coincidence Belle House ( Buena Vista ) was exactly what Dulcie and Rolf needed. They both lived their for the rest of their lives. We were very good friends with them from the time we moved to Tumut in 1995 to the date we purchased the property in 2002, and helped them later in their lives. Dulcie was an absolute fashionista, she was the epitome of absolute class, grace and also had an amazing sparkle in her eye and a cheekiness that exudes the absolute zest in a gorgeous female that just loved life to its fullest, I love that amazing lady. she was the head buyer of the famous Tumut Co Op which she stocked with the finest clothing and accessories from all over the world, she mainly did the buying from Melbourne and Sydney. ( Belle House was formerly known as Buena Vista) (more images and info to come) 

( images and info to come)

( images and info to come)

“Its more than just beautiful accommodation its an Australian historical experience, Try Something Different.”
Belle House is your home away from home, beautiful Tumut accommodation”

Available for a minimum of a 2 night stay, weekly and longer term accommodation, you are all welcome to stay at Belle House and share in this great Australian historical experience. As you take a closer look at the Art Deco architecture of Belle House you’ll notice unusual and unique features, from the amazing sculptured and scalloped front fence the the cascading front awning over the main entrance and so much more, an amazing work of Art Deco architecture in a very remote country town. There are decorative plaster and rendered window sills and lintel dressage. Absolutely delightful is the unique corbelled fancy brickwork. The bricks are all hand made locally and form a beautiful design on Belle House, displaying magnificent Art Deco architecture and creativity, there is much to see at Belle House. Next time you are thinking about where to stay, think of staying at Belle House.

The cultural and economic foundations which were laid after the second world war have served to keep this entire region Architecturally and financially sustainable as you can see with the beautiful long lasting heritage building such as Belle House Tumut. Next time you are thinking about where to stay in Tumut, think of staying at Belle House, Tumut Art Deco accommodation at it’s finest. You are all welcome, Try something Different, You’ll Love it!.